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Meet the Aretésians



KristinKristin, Manager, Production, S3:                                                                                                

“I began my Areté career as an Electro-optic Engineer performing integration and test activities for our Streak Tube Imaging (STIL) LIDAR programs for Mine Counter Measures (MCM) in S3. Four years ago I accepted the challenge to help transition our STIL LIDAR from an R&D program to Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) and was promoted to Production Manager. I look forward to the day that our sensors will be deployed to the fleet and will help to keep them safe. My supervisors have always recognized and rewarded my hard work and capabilities with new and exciting challenges often coming my way. I enjoy the casual and friendly atmosphere of our Tucson office and upper-management truly cares about the people working for them.”


Carlene, Receptionist, PAS East:                                                                                                      Carlene
“I joined Areté over 10 years ago because it felt like a company that genuinely cared about its employees.  It felt like an extension of my family.  It also didn’t hurt that the company offered a very generous benefits package, and encouraged a healthy work-life balance.  I’ve never looked back since joining the company.  Employment at Areté has enriched my life.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very intelligent people and have learned a lot from my peers.  I’ve enjoyed each and every day, and feel blessed to be a part of such a great company.”


Luana, Senior Contracts Administrator, Corporate Office:                                                                    
“I have been a Senior Contracts Administrator at Areté for 6 years.  What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that we wear multiple hats and can utilize different disciplines to make a difference.  Areté has a family-like atmosphere – we care about each other!  Areté has many family oriented activities that engage family and friends and fosters achieving a work-life balance.” 
Dave, Staff Industrial Security Officer, PAS East:                                                                                    Dave
“I joined Areté because it is a small, employee-owned company.  It made me feel like I wasn’t just an employee but a part owner.  The office’s central location and proximity to the Metro was a big plus.  During my interview I noticed the relaxed atmosphere and felt Areté had a good working environment. In my time here, I have grown to have a great appreciation for what we do and why we do it.  I know where I fit in and I feel my expertise is respected.”
MikeMike, Senior Scientist, PAS East                                                                                                        
“I have the ability to make an impact in both technical and management roles. Areté’s small business environment means that my work significantly impacts my program and the company.  There is a focus on innovation. I enjoy colleague interactions and learning from colleagues inside and outside the company.  There is a variety of work and the ability to work on many projects. I develop important capabilities that will help technological progress in a range of areas.”


Diana, Scientist 1, PAS East: Diana

“I first began at Areté Associates as a Senior Administrative Specialist. Knowing that I had an interest in technical work, they encouraged and allowed me to gain a more technical role. One year later, I was promoted and was given a position that allowed me to carry out a program control function, as well as a technical function. I am grateful to Areté Associates for constantly encouraging my personal and professional growth. Everyone at Areté Associates was very welcoming when I started and continue to be to this day. Knowing that what I do is a contribution and makes a difference makes me feel good about myself and proud to be an Aretésian.”


HeatherHeather, Administrative Specialist, S3:                                                                                                
“I joined Areté because of the people and culture.  People at Areté enjoy working together for a common goal and have fun while doing it.  The excellent working environment is the main reason I have stayed at Areté.  The wages are fair and they have excellent benefits.  I also like the idea of working for an employee owned company.”